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I collect keychains! I update often featuring a different keychain from my extensive collection. If you have questions about how many I have, how I got started, or other common questions I get, please check my inaugural post here. If this interests you, feel free to add me as a friend- you don't have to ask first.

If you want to donate your old, unwanted keychain(s) to me, please comment, PM, or drop by my keychain geocache (more info on that behind the cut). I would be happy to accept any keychain in any condition and you will be helping to contribute to one of the world's largest high-quality keychain collections.

You can also become my patron and support KOTD directly. If you want to help me afford to buy new keychains, please stop by my store. There's jewelry, writing, tea, seeds, art, and more for just $5 each! You can also buy my ebook trilogy here to fund my keychain habit.

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Thanks for reading, commenting, and donating. I hope you enjoy Keychain of the Day!

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Keychain of the Day

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I got this keychain in Poland. I was so excited to finally make it to the fatherland. My Polish wasn't quite as good as I had hoped and could use a bit more polish (see what I did there?). I did manage to find a place that served pierogi (more difficult than you would think) and successfully order them to eat in the language of my forefathers. At least I was able to translate a lot of signs so that made me feel good about myself.

Poland easily had the most My Little Pony stuff of the trip with the added bonus of the boxes being in Polish. I found my real prize in a knock off pink pony with a cream mane and Rarity's cutie mark who neighs when you squeeze her. She's got a real hair trigger on the neighing lol. I immediately dubbed her Polarity for Polish Rarity.

It was really great to finally see Poland and I hope to go back to see more again soon!

Keychain of the Day

I found this on my trip as well. It has about 150 little critters in there to take care of. I had a snail named Bob.

I wanted to take a moment to remember sweet Pokette who passed to Catholic Rat Heaven a year ago today. She was a wonderful one-eyed friend. I miss her very much.

Keychain of the Day

Been dealing with a workplace shooting and with the Pulse massacre anniversary just days away, the vibe around town is very on edge. So here's hoping that posting about keychains will cheer me up. It sounds trivial but life is made of these little things.

I really liked this seal dressed like a captain with an accordion. Seriously, who wouldn't? I could tell he made some sort of noise since he was hard in the middle but I decided to roll the dice and buy him first, and listen later. When I went to make my purchase, the lady was like you know this plays music, right? She pressed the seal and he played a merry German sounding song. She seemed surprised I didn't know the song and told me that anyone in Hamburg would know it because they used to play it when "women for money" (her exact quote) were available. So yeah, I've got a keychain that is a seal dressed like a boat captain with an accordion that plays hooker music. Enjoy!

Keychain of the Day

Happy Hurricane Season!

The next day I was in Germany. I got to see the cool beach chairs that matched the keychain schnee got me awhile back only these were blue instead of red. I went to the amber museum which was really neat! I got not only a keychain but a pendant shaped like a rat made out of amber. The area did seem a little light on kinder egg availability in the sense that there were NONE. I had grabbed one the day before while passing through England so all was not completely lost.

I was happy to see a VW in Germany who looked almost exactly like my beloved Milo here :)

Keychain of the Day

Greetings all! Yes, I am still working on organizing my keychain collection despite the fact that I have been in my new location for a year now. I have a lot of keychains so it is a big job. Good help is hard to find! corpulentbrony and otaku1 are both supposed to be helping me and they have not done anything for months. Feel free to shame them thoroughly!

You tell them, Mother Angelica.

Anywhoo, this keychain is from Copenhagen, Denmark. Sadly, I didn't get to spend a lot of time there. It was primarily a jumping off point for the rest of the trip as Copenhagen, along with Dublin, seems to be the cheapest place to fly into in Europe or so I have noticed over the years. It probably has something to do with taxes. I had a good time riding the train and the bus. Their street lights are interesting looking. I liked the double decker bike racks. That's about it.

This entry was almost eaten twice by gremlins so yay for LJ "restore draft" for saving the day!

I spoke too soon, now they aren't letting me display the bike rack pic. I'm just gonna post this as is and call it a day.

Rostrum Obituary

Rostrum, 3, of Orlando, FL passed away late Friday evening due to respiratory complications. She is survived by her brother, Smellow, and adopted human family.

Rostrum was her brother Honker's twin in both appearance and personality. She never hesitated to push past any of her sisters unwise enough to stand between her and treats. She had a strong independent spirit as well as a competitive streak. While her sisters and mother were content to trot after a piece of yarn for a bit of light exercise, Rostrum alone would charge ahead, bite the yarn firmly, and proceed to teach it a lesson it would never forget.

She periodically jumped out of her enclosure with her mouth wide open, aiming directly for my treat-distributing hand. Honker was the only other rat to display this behavior. Rostrum was also famous for her grip. If she grabbed you, you were not going anywhere until she was certain that you weren't concealing food. Rostrum was amazingly powerful for her size and was easily the strongest of all her siblings.

Requiescat in pace.

Keychain of the Day

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Happy Friday everyone! A picture is truly worth a thousand words so, as you can see, the zany zoefruitcake sent me another top notch keychain from her travels. This special shoe (which is super soft) was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed with the ribbon pictured. I love ribbons and Mrs. Fruitcake's attention to detail! Cute stationery is always a plus and an organic peach sucker was included as well. I've never had an organic one I don't think so I am very excited about that as well.

I had intended to post this earlier but then the "office otter" stopped by the retention pond next to the building and I spent about an hour watching him eat a fish and lay on his back, kicking his legs with glee. In zoefruitcake's honor, I present this picture for everyone to enjoy. Isn't he precious?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thank you so very much again to zoefruitcake, one of my top international keychain donators! It is always thrilling to get a keychain in the mail from a foreign land, particularly somewhere I have never been but hope to visit some day. I appreciate it so very much.

Jan. 25th, 2017

Greetings, all! I haven't kicked the bucket or stopped collecting. I'm still organizing my thousands of keychains into their new location after moving. It is taking much longer than I expected but once things are good, I'll be able to post again.

I have been collecting the current Happy Meal toy at Macca's- a heart shaped keychain with lipgloss inside! I hope all is well with all of you :)

I have four of them so far, just 8 more to collect!