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Nosebelle Obituary

Nosebelle, nearly 3.5, of Orlando, FL passed away a few minutes ago due to complications from a stroke she had while I was at work on Friday. The vet said that there wasn’t anything that could be done to help her but she likely was not in any pain. She is survived by her son, two daughters, and myself.

Many of you are familiar with the story about how I acquired Nosebelle at the rat rescue. I was supporting a friend looking for a rat to adopt but Nosebelle chose me as soon as she heard my voice. We never looked back. When she suddenly gave birth a few days later and refused to raise her offspring, I was annoyed but didn’t blame her. I could already tell that Nosebelle was truly special.

Other than with her children, Nosebelle was always eager to make friends with any person, dog, or cat who crossed her path. In fact, she usually behaved as though she had already been friends for ages with everyone she encountered. The two of us were especially close and she always saved plenty of extra licks and smooches for me.

Nosebelle came to me at a low point in my life, helped me enormously, and only asked for attention and treats in return. While I am glad she is no longer struggling with limited mobility, I feel deeply bereft. She was the very best friend I ever had.

Requiescat in pace.

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Sep. 12th, 2016 04:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I really think she was holding on through the night so she could say goodbye to me before I went to work. My best friend was watching her for the day, he came out to wave bye when I left for the day and came back in to check on Nosey a minute or two later and she was already gone

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