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[sticky post] Welcome to Keychain of the Day!

I collect keychains! I update often featuring a different keychain from my extensive collection. If you have questions about how many I have, how I got started, or other common questions I get, please check my inaugural post here. If this interests you, feel free to add me as a friend- you don't have to ask first.

If you want to donate your old, unwanted keychain(s) to me, please comment, PM, or drop by my keychain geocache (more info on that behind the cut). I would be happy to accept any keychain in any condition and you will be helping to contribute to one of the world's largest high-quality keychain collections.

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Thanks for reading, commenting, and donating. I hope you enjoy Keychain of the Day!

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Keychain of the Day

Greetings everyone! It's me again. I'm going to start trying to post more again because I know how much everyone loves my keychains :) Also my new keychain setup, three years in the making, is nearly finished so when it is I will unveil that in all its glory!

I've had a lot going on recently- had some losses in life but also had a gain. My BFF from high school, swaps24 and I are back in contact. I was an idiot and cut things off but we are now chatting again like nothing every happened so yay for that.

Anyway, Cipher is modelling with my Iraq keychain. No, I haven't actually put my feet on Iraqi soil yet but I hope to someday. Nothing stays bad forever so maybe someday it will be fun to visit. I actually got this keychain in the Orlando International Airport. Why were they selling Iraq keychains? Don't know, don't care but I stopped and bought it without checking the price because I intended to buy it no matter what. It's not every day you see such a find!

And while I may not have actually set foot in Iraq, I have flown over it! Last December on my way to Dubai, we were supposed to fly over Iran which had me pumped but Iran withdrew their approval last minute even though I was on an Emirates flight. That's ok because we flew over Iraq instead which is just as good. When I was on my way home, we flew over Iran but it was a red eye so all I saw was lights but they were lights in Iran so that would have to be good enough for now. Anywhoo, isn't Iraq purdy?

Keychain of the Day

Hello again everyone! I'm back with another keychain donation. This one comes from my new and fabulous friend, Katerina. I was really excited to receive such glorious finds!

It looks like we have a few from New York. You can't go wrong with the classic I heart NY and the heart shaped one with Lady Liberty on it opens up so you can put a picture or small item inside. Very cool!

And yay, more Florida keychains! I hope you enjoyed The Best State in the Union, Katerina. I like the letter shaped ones and have a few myself as well as a bunch of other letters from donators. I should probably check and see if I have the whole alphabet yet :P

The one with the orcas is funny too. I assume the keychain makers were trying to knock off a SeaWorld keychain since it isn't like you see many cold water cetaceans around here much although I suppose there is technically nothing stopping an orca from coming by. While they are technically dolphins, Puerto Rico does have a whale festival every spring that I keep meaning to go to and that's not far away. Anywhoo, pretty cool... and I'm rambling!

I'm also a big fan of the blue geode since one of my oldest keychains looks just like that. I love rocks and stones and when they are keychains that is even better.

I love the international selections from Greece and India. The Mexican one with the Mayan doomsday calendar is rather exciting! It is also always handy to have lanyard and wristlet keychains too. A few look on the homemade side as well.

Anyway, thanks again to Katerina for sending these beauties to me. I really do appreciate it! They are also so amazing and I'm just thrilled to pieces to have them all in my collection. I'll take really good care of them :)

Hope everyone is having a happy spring!

Keychain of the Day!

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I finally went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi so that was amazing! I had a good birthday too. I know I have been terrible at posting new keychains but of course I am still collecting! I recently had a lovely donation which is what is prompting me to write right now! And yes I am still overusing !'s and probably always will :P

Anywhoo, if you check my sticky post, Abby the Venus Guy Trap contacted me last month. There is no need to apologize for sending the keychains later than anticipated, Abby, because between travel and catching like three infections in a row, I have been doing everything very slowly in life myself as well. The keychains are safely here and already well loved and that is what counts!

I suppose we should start with the cool handmade lizard keychain and move clockwise. I absolutely love these handmade lizards and can never have enough of them since they are always slightly different. Lizards really are the best. I'm also a fan of the clay worm/snake with HUGE EYES. Gosh, what a cutie!

I had to give InuYasha a google but the manga does sound fun. Demon dogs? Feudal Japan? Fairy tales? Sign me up! I also really like these New York keychains as well. New York is one of those keychain locations where lots of keychains look the same but they are usually all different! I don't have any that look quite like these so thank you again!

As a Florida native, I do love getting keychains from the theme parks. As with New York, the parks are always cranking out slightly changed designs all the time. I really hope you enjoyed your trip, Abby. Florida really is the best place ever to travel to and/or to live. Funnily enough, I have the patriotic Mickey Mouse spinning keychain in the corner that I bought a few years back. I remember when that one came out and I was so excited about it. As usual, I don't mind having a duplicate especially of such a cool keychain. It shows what good taste others have :)

Skirting back a little, I really like that Swiss hiking boot. I was in Zurich's airport a few months back but wasn't able to grab a keychain and make my connection so I'm glad to have this little boot. The Alps from there air are always so lovely!

I'm not sure who that girl in the school looking uniform is supposed to be in the top right corner but she is pretty neat as well. I love a good bow tie. The tassle is also a really great find because it is garnet and gold which as well all know are THE superior colors for a school. GO SEMINOLES!

Thanks again, Abby, for taking the time to donate these to my collection. I am super grateful and I already enjoy them so much!

Cipher joins ratties Smudge and Puzzlin!

It looks like Cipher won the poll by a squeak! He is the cutest and I'm so happy to have him.

Grunkle went to a nice couple so he will be well loved too! Thanks to all that helped with this choice.

Sadly one of my rats isn't taking to little Cipher. I tried bathtub intros as well as using homemade vanilla extract to mask scent. I hope I can sort out the drama because it is so stressful and I just want all my little buddies to be happy!

Edited 3/29: I started at step one again and did another slow reintroduction. Everyone seems to be mostly getting along now!
My friend runs a rattery and she is letting me adopt a boy to go with my other two teenage rats who are distant cousins to the babies below. I'm having a hard time picking because both rats are sooooo cute!

Will you please vote in my poll and comment to help me decide? Thanks!

Grunkle Stan is a laid back rex dumbo, likely to have himmie/Siamese coloring after first molt.

Bill Cipher is an energetic and outgoing rex top ear variberk downunder.

Check the link here below for pictures of the little cuties:


Poll #2079386 Which Pet Baby Rat Should I Select?

Which Pet Baby Rat Should I Select?

Grunkle Stan
Bill Cipher

Dec. 13th, 2017

Wow, a regular post from me that doesn't involve keychains!? It is like Mayan Doomsday a few years late or something.

I'm just really excited because they are closing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal for my company's Christmas party and I haven't gone to HP to see the Christmas decor before although I've been to the regular HP plenty of times. This should be fun!

Keychain of the Day

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I got this out of a kinder egg from Lithuania which has the most budget friendly kinder eggs I've ever discovered. I love Batman, the old school POW! ZAP! type Adam West stuff.

Keychain of the Day

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I got this from a little market in Helsinki, Finland. It was one of those capital cities that feels more like a cute little village, you know the kind. Summer apparently started the day before so finally I wasn't cold!

Keychain of the Day

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Ok, so while I didn't actually make it to Moscow, I didn't miss the opportunity to pick up a keychain! To accompany this fine keychain, I include my favorite song about Moscow, The Complete History of the Soviet Union as Told by a Humble Worker: