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I collect keychains! Я собираю брелки! I update often featuring a different keychain from my extensive collection. If you have questions about how many I have, how I got started, or other common questions I get, please check my inaugural post here. If this interests you, feel free to add me as a friend- you don't have to ask first.

If you want to donate your old, unwanted keychain(s) to me, please comment, PM, or email me at my LJ username @ I would be happy to accept any keychain in any condition and you will be helping to contribute to one of the world's largest high-quality keychain collections as you can see here above.

Current Count: 4530 as of 6 October 2023

Please check out my photos from most of my trips to 35 countries and all the American states here and in the photo area of this journal.

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Thanks for reading, commenting, and donating. I hope you enjoy Keychain of the Day!
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Keychain of the Day

I'd been dealing with some personal issues recently that had me glum so of course Treesa at GtBK sprang into action to send me a box of goodies to cheer me up. We had been discussing the wonders of found keychains so some of those are featured here. While I have started to feel better, I'm not up to posting a long entry so instead I'll just hit the highlights.

I like cinnabuns so I appreciate receiving one here. The best wishes dog is adorable and I also have a thing for smiley faces. I'm excited to get some wire in new colors so I'll have to make a new keychain out of it to mail back to Treesa. The fidget flower is cool too.

My second favorite has got to be the ancient retirees pocket knife from some trip in the late 70s. It's in really good shape for being older than I am. But my fave fave fave is the Yugoslavia coin with Cyrillic on it. Treesa and I are both slavs although neither of us have heritage from that exact area so it makes extra fun and exciting.

Thank you again for Treesa for always coming in clutch and being a pal. Don't forget to enter her giveaway ending in ten days!
Here are some adorable baby rats!
Here are some adorable baby rats!

Oh I miss these guys

Treesa over at Grab the Brass Keyring is having a giveaway for her keychain blog's anniversary!

If you'd like to win a hit clip go here and follow the instructions to leave a comment.

After all, who doesn't like free stuff?

Keychain of the Day

Once again Treesa kindly sent me a box of Halloween goodies for my favorite holiday plus another of her legendary handmade cards! Josh had fun looking the various items up online and Nikolai the rat made sure to give everything a solid sniffing so it really was fun for the entire household. Let's dive in and see what lovely loot there is to share.

First off we have a cool pumpkin to make. This seems similar to the deer that Treesa sent in the past. I might try to give that a whirl this weekend and see how it goes. I tend to have fun with these sorts of easy sew DIY keychains and they always come out well.

There's an animorphs keychain as well which you'd think would be a book series I would enjoy and I remember seeing them for sale at Publix as a kid but somehow I didn't get into it despite the whole kids turning into animals, I think, thing. Unless I'm wrong. Anyway, there's some sort of weird catfish looking thing on the other side. Maybe that's the alien that makes them turn? Am I even thinking of the correct series. Josh didn't look this one up so maybe I'll do that with him tonight. Maybe I'm not as prepared for thist post as I thought. But onward!

This is a cool mask keychain. I like the colors and it has a nice smooth feel to it. Very nice!

This next one Josh did look up. It was classified by Treesa as "nightmare fuel" and I'm inclined to agree with her. I thought it was a robot elephant but apparently it is a creepy Teletubbies vacuum cleaner? And I thought power rangers was dismal. Yikes. But apparently it's a 24 year old promo from a BK kids meal so that's kinda cool. NGL I definitely appreciate it for that reason alone.

Next we have a Diablo character from Suicide Squad. I'm rather unfamiliar with the franchise other than that Sebastian the Rat dude who looks lovely. Treesa recently wrote about this particular type of keychain company here. Either way I'm glad to have this cool keychain in my collection as it is something I haven't gotten before.

The yeti is from the Disney Expedition Everest ride, I assume. I remember when they opened that in Animal Kingdom and gave passholders a sneak "peak" with a free lanyard and exclusive pin. I ended up buying the other yeti keychain that day and now I have both. Treesa probably didn't know that and likely sent it because she knows I like Disney and have a fondness for cryptid species. I'd love to meet a friendly yeti myself one day. I will say the gift shop at the EE ride is full of great stuff from Nepal, another place I'd like to visit soon.

Here's a pink squishmallow. I think it's supposed to be an axolotl? I'm pretending it is, anyway. Either way it is soft and pink and fluffy and I like it loads.

Next we have a lovely fuzzy teddy bear limb from a company that Treesa has sent me keychains from before. Either way Josh was disturbed by it and I thought it was very funny.

Now onto a rubbery spikey ball thing. I have a pink keychain of this type but this one is white and black. There's something just really nice and soothing about these things. They feel good in your hand. I like it a lot.

I was pretty interested in this orange and white pumpking spice scoop on a piece of hemp as it looks homemade. But Treesa didn't indicate that she made it so maybe someone else did. I'm not one of those insane freaks about pumpkin spice but I do like it well enough as I have a very high tolerance for cinnamon. It almost rivals my taste for garlic which is the definition of infinite. Anyway, great keychain.

The bad kitty is an extremely cute keychain although I'm less familiar with the novels. I love the cat's facial expression and his fluffy fuzzy goodness. Very cute, absolutely love it.

This shark is pretty rad too and I like that he is greeting me from "Fin Land." I have a lot of stuffed shark keychains in my collection but they're all great and never get old. Each is a unique treasure. What I really like about this one is that if you pet him going one way, he's soft, and the other way he's a little spikey. Which if you've ever met a shark in real life or dissected one (I've done both) that's exactly how they feel. And if you're even luckier and can look at their skin under a scope, their skin looks very similar to the shape of their teeth. I just adore sharks. Truly some of my favorite animals.

And finally the best keychain in a bunch of incredible finds- Cheesy Rider of the Spice Mice! Perfect for Halloween, not only is this thing super cute but it appears to be actually possessed. I'm not kidding! I pressed the spot indicated on his chest but nothing happened. Fair enough, Cheesy might just need a new battery. But then a few minutes later, motorcycle noises started erupting from him and they went on for about ten minutes. Josh was freaked out and I was delighted. I haven't been brave enough to touch Cheesy since but he will certainly have a place of honor in the Keychain Kloset as my favorite possessed Spice Mouse.

I greatly appreciate Treesa's effort in sourcing all of these amazing keychains. She really has a rare gift that I've encountered in very few other people of locating the perfect item for the perfect person at the perfect time. She truly is dedicated to helping the people in her life in many large and small ways. I've found that sometimes people with these character traits are overlooked in life so if you know of someone special in your life like Treesa, maybe consider doing something kind for them this weekend to let them know that their efforts to help you aren't unnoticed or undervalued.

Anyway, thank you again, Treesa, for these many new treasures to adore!

Keychain of the Day

These lovely gems are all from self described "eternal comrade" Angie. Despite her moving to the Great White North this week, she still found the time to mail me some amazing treats. She nearly kept the spinner keychain for herself and she got the cool and colorful axolotl keychain, I assume, when she went to Meow Wolf for her birthday last month. That means she joins the crew of people who have gotten me keychains on their birthday in recent years. She's even done it before when she went to visit some llamas on a previous birthday. I still have a few things to mail to her for her birthday but I wanted to wait until she had reached her new home. Now I might as well try to find some extra goodies to send since the parcel is already late. We'll see how it goes. But anywhoo...

No one can find a better friend. These are seriously fun keychains!

Angie is also gifted with claw machines and anything arcade related so she thought Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash would have more pony pals to hang out with at my home than hers and she most likely is right about that. I remember when these ponies came out and I despaired of one, being lucky enough to find any in a nearby arcade and two, actually winning one since I tend to be better playing the Trex claw machine game for plastic dinos and other such devices. But now I find myself in the enviable position of being flush with claw machine horses :)

In conclusion, Angie specializes in always being such a thoughtful chum. A "loyal friend and true" as Bob Barker would say. She makes the bad parts of life more bearable and the good parts even better. Everyone should have such a wonderous eternal comrade ever ready for adventure and friendship by their side.

Thanks again for all you do!

Keychain of the Day

Another gift from Hotch. The one he got me is in the back and is slightly bigger than the similar keychain of my bug, Milo, that I've had for at least a decade now. It's a great keychain so I don't mind having another larger one and the one I bought myself back in the day didn't come with a Puerto Rican tutti frutti chicle bol candy so that's a win in and of itself.

Can you believe that I've only had one car in my life and it's been 20 years last month since I got him? That's loyalty for you. Easily the longest monogamous relationship I've been in by... 19.5 years maybe? :P

Anyway, thanks for the keychain!

Keychain of the Day

The day after Thanksgiving, this nice beaver keychain from Hotch arrived. I'm a huge Bucee's fan since visiting Angie in 2020 and now the store is finally in Florida. I'm missing some of the older keychains though like the cowboy hat Bucky so anyway, I'm really glad to get this particular keychain especially. It spins and is kinda prismy looking. I also like knowing that my favorite beaver never sleeps.


Keychain of the Day

Hotch came to visit me and brought me a few treats. I got a Knobby figure which is his local sasquatch friend as well as a transformer spoon from the kids meal at Sonic to match the one I had already. The scooby keychain is from Spirit I believe and Hotch and I both have a fondness for stitch.

Even though it was his birthday, much like my mom and Josh in the past, Hotch still ended up buying me keychains on his special day. The 2023 merch was all 70% off so we got matching keychains as well as tiger BFF keychains. He also got me two wax figures for my small collection I am rebuilding off those. However the one featured in the pic is from when Angie visited me. It was my first time seeing Halloween themed ones rather than just animals. I got a hippo which I wanted to get with Angie as well as a skull which looks great with the glass skull that Kai got for me when we first met in Vegas in 2020.

Does anyone else like or collect those Mold A Rama wax figures? I'm sure some of you must. I'd love to chat about it :)

We did lots of things not pictured like watching a fat raccoon run into the swamp with a huge bag of trash, but going clockwise I finally got to go inside the aviary at Busch Gardens to see the kookaburras since I have a soft spot for them. Lovely critters. I also made my special warm cider with peach this time that Hotch kindly brought for me from the cider place near where he lives. Some day when I'm up there again visiting I'd like to see this place since it has a swing gazebo.

Hotch was also lucky enough to see a gator cross the road right in front of his car. It's quite rare to see them out of the water like that and while still a juvenile, this one was a decent size. He also saw a bunch of manatees and I saw a spoonbill which I have another soft spot for. It was National Public Lands Day so we were able to get into the Canaveral National Seashore for free and check out the beach. It was the highest tide I'd ever seen there and the waves were huge and great for surfing that day.

Anyway, it was a great trip and I'm glad Hotch was able to enjoy the kind of birthday celebration he has long deserved.

Keychain of the Day

Happy birthmonth to Kai!

Once again I'm writing this thank you post a few weeks late. I think my problem is Kai is always so good about passing along only the finest keychains that I want to make the perfect post about them. This causes my brain to short circuit a bit and then I feel like I have to be in perfect condition to write about it. Too tired? Headache? Ate too many cheez puffz? Any little thing can throw me off. But as they say, perfect is the enemy of good. So I'm posting now.

Anyway, Kai is in the process of moving from sunny California to sunny Florida. Josh and I picked him up at the airport and then we went to Pollo Tropical as it is a Florida thing so Kai had never been before. I tried a salad and dessert that were new to me instead of my usual pulled pork tropichopper. Both were quite good but I think my usual dessert, the cuartro leches cake, is better. But it made for a fresh and tasty lunch.

We then dropped Kai off at the hotel that Mare Fair, Florida's latest and greatest brony convention, will be taking place at the last weekend of this month. The funny thing is that Josh and I had literally just checked out of the place that morning to try it out before the con. While unpacking, Kai gave me a few anime keychains and one Canada one and I was rather thrilled with them. He also let me swipe the free tea the hotel had left out. I tried the chamomile myself and it was great and I passed the Earl Grey on to my mom last week and she enjoyed it too. The gift that keeps on giving!

After settling in, the three of us wandered the hotel looking at the space that will be available for the con. Then we found some nice comfy chairs and hung out for awhile chatting. When we realized we were hungry, we walked across the street to the famous Big McDonald's which has both pizza and pasta. I was still full from lunch so I just had my usual cheeseburger.

We went up to the arcade and Kai was kind enough to let me use his ticket winnings on a monkey barrel keychain, two cute erasers, and a funny red pony that I intend to paint golden arches on for its cutie mark. Of course the grand prize was the Unicorn Rainbow Art. I collect these One Love unicorn products because the packaging is always hilarious. The back is usually written in terrible English and then it assures you that life really is all rainbows and unicorns and that your love for unicorns should be greater than life itself. Enough said.

Afterwards we said our goodbyes to Kai, knowing we'd see him again in a few weeks at the con so no one was as sad as we could have been which is always a plus. He was understandably tired from his flight and because moving is such a multi faceted and stressful process. But it was lovely that he made so much time to hang out with us and it really was a fun day. The time was both relaxing and quite productive in terms of con planning.

Thank you again to Kai for all the goodies! You're always a bro, dude! /)<3(\

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