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I collect keychains! Я собираю брелки! I update often featuring a different keychain from my extensive collection. If you have questions about how many I have, how I got started, or other common questions I get, please check my inaugural post here. If this interests you, feel free to add me as a friend- you don't have to ask first.

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Keychain of the Day

So my camera has started to die and stuff is either blurry or non existent now but I'll probably try to limp along a bit longer because that's just my style. I apologize though for any quality variances that you may have to suffer through along the way. Tech ain't cheap.

So when I came back from my first proper trip to Chicago (rather than just enjoying the light show at O'Hare) I made my card for the El train into a keychain because the Loop is really something worth remembering. I'm sure the design for the cards has changed many times now so this is a nice little slice of the times. Enjoy!

angie dog

Keychain of the Day

So a few years back when I was re-organizing my keychain collection into their current linen closet home, I had to get rid of my Omaha coin purse. It was leaking plasticizer and while eventually that does stop and the plastic hardens, I always worry that it will affect the surrounding keychains. I've seen anecdotes that it does and some that say it does not. When you love your keychains like I do, it pays to be cautious and I sadly disposed of it.

Fast forward a few years and I remember my friend Terry who used to live in my mom's neighborhood with his lovely wife Heidi that I have mentioned here previously is now taking business trips to, you guessed it, Omaha! I asked if he would be able to pick one up for me and he did! Even though they are currently moving house, Heidi still found the time to pop it in the mail quickly for me and it just arrived :)

I like informative keychains so much and not only does this one have Omaha, but it also has the capital city marked, the major interstate that cuts through the state, as well as several adorable critters featured on it. I have never heard of Valentine, NE before seeing this keychain so I looked it up. Fun fact: it used to be split into two time zones along main street. Can you imagine walking from one shop to another and it is in a different time zone?! That's so wild. They say you learn something new every day and I think you are especially lucky if you learn your new fact via a new keychain!

Indubitably this makes Terry and Heidi the most fabulous of fabulous people for helping me replace an old keychain with an even better one. I really appreciate the effort you went through. Thanks again!
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Keychain of the Day

I was out getting paint and gloss for a project last night and noticed they had moved the keychains from their usual location. When I found them it was worth it because I found this cute little rat that reminded me so much of Muzzle if Muzzle was a ballerina. Isn't it just the cutest?

Here is Muzz Muzz in the foreground with his bros Smellow and Honkydoodles behind him :)


I see the resemblence; don't you?
g5 pegasus rat

Keychain of the Day

I got this about a month ago when I was at the beach. I really enjoyed the one I had in high school. This one is pretty cute and fairly faithful to the original but they really expected to me to remember what icons mean from 20 years ago. The old instructions were definitely more helpful than this new crap. The games are actually rather hard to beat that you play with your critter. I am kinda developing some anxiety about it which doesn't seem like a good sign for my unicorn's longevity. I named it Rarity but it is more of a Twilight. Maybe next time. It's been sleeping the day away for some reason today so I should probably wake it up and do its bidding. Toodles!
g5 pegasus rat

Keychain of the Day

Welcome to Mothman Monday!

I do like cryptids and while Mothman isn't my absolute favorite, I do think he's cool and would hate for him to destroy a bridge when I am on it. I try to stay on his good side and I hope my pilgrimage to his home in Point Pleasant, Best West Best Virginia will help me to achieve that goal.

Although the Mothman Museum didn't have the keychain I was hoping to purchase, I made do with several others. My favorite is probably Mothman for president because I'm pretty sure that's the flag for Luxemburg so either I need to hurry and get to Luxemburg or someone done goofed. Most like because they're like eh, red white and blue and some stripes must be America hurr hurr. Either way you look at it, rad keychain.

In the first ten or fifteen minutes of my stop in Point Pleasant I had already racked up over $100 of fabulous purchases that I knew would be found no where else. Plus I can't blame a small town in WV for hustling in the collapse of the "stil" mill industries and such. At least Mothman is probably pro environment although he hangs out by some old dynamite bunkers sometimes so who knows. I choose to believe the best of him though. But yeah, stuff is overpriced.

Regardless of that, I branched out into buying some patches to make into keychains because they had a great selection of critters. I couldn't get them all but I think I picked the best ones. The larger Nessie ones reminds me of the manatee signs you see in Florida.

I just had to have the camping style Bigfoot steel mug with the carabiner. I have flask keychains and water bottle keychains and keychains with shot glasses with Lenin on them but not like a straight up mug. I drank out of it for the first time on Thursday. I love it but it is going in the keychain closet where it will be safe. I'd die if anything happened to this treasure.

I also think I may have been influenced by the supernatural when buying the troll style Chupacabra. He was for sure the cutest one there and I love his nose and little skull but man. He's also kinda scary looking, right? I remember a few times when I thought I may have spotted him by otaku1's house but that was before I moved in and I've only seen baby armadillos and bats since. And I for sure didn't see him when I went looking in Puerto Rico.

Maybe I should make a list of the cryptid critter travel I have done, as best as I can remember. I'm too lazy to put it in order right now but basically goes from this month back about ten years or so:

Skunk Ape- Florida, constantly looking
Chupacabra- Mexico and Puerto Rico
Cadborosaurus- Victoria, BC Canada
Champ- Lake Champlain, Vermont and Quebec
Jackalope- Wyoming
Jersey Devil- Pine Barrens of Jersey
Sasquatch- Hoh Rainforest and Kamloops of PNW
Mothman- Best West Best Virginia

Hoping to See in the Future:
Fresno Walking Pants

Anyway, it was a fun time and I would encourage anyone to make a trip to see the Mothman statue. If you go to the museum, let me know what it was like. It's only $4.50 to go and keychains are $5 but it was a time issue. There's also a huge mural of the settlement of the area if you are into that. With the mural at your back, you have a nice view of the river and some bridges, one of them being the rebuilt one that Mothman smashed. It's a nice bridge to drive on as well. You can get mothman cookies and pizza at nearby establishments like Grinders coffee (also has a free little library) and Village Pizza.

Keep your eyes peeled for cryptids! Keep them safe :)
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Keychain of the Day

So The Corpulent Brony recently introduced me to a Canadian friend from Windsor Toronto Alberta Vancouver who was coming to the States for a meet up and wanted to bring Canadian goodies to whoever was interested. Uh, me! Josh kinda sprung the "well, what do you want TELL ME NOW" stuff and I really wasn't ready with a good answer immediately. That's like a super serious question that can't be approached lightly. You gotta really think about your Canada swag.

When Josh finally passed along the goodies, I was so excited to see that they were from Dollarama in the sense that it was a Canuckistan chain that I recognized although the actual store didn't live up to the hype of its name. It's one of those dollar stores where stuff is usually more than a dollar. This could easily turn into a post describing the thrills and chills of my past adventures in Canadian dollar stores and all the wonderful leftover Canada Day stuff that can be found there in the later weeks of July so I should probably quit while I'm ahead.

So I ended up with a really cool pen, two magnets, and of course a keychain for my collection! Weirdly while I have tons of keychains just like that one with the carabiner and the strap and some are even red, none of them say Canada on it so that's pretty exciting right there. I definitely appreciate these new acquisitions because can you believe that up until I received this I had no Canada magnets or pens (just pencils) in the house? Thank Celestia that problem has been solved!

I didn't really have a chance to talk to Aphinity very much other than to be all OMG CANADA so he doesn't even know exactly why I am so into Canada. I really couldn't care much less about healthcare, politics, or all the reasons why Yanks are typically into the place these days and I definitely have no interest in moving there even if such a thing were possible. Is it time for another PSA? My fellow Americans, you most like will not ever be allowed to move there so like just stop being drooling buffoons about the whole thing. You guys embarrass me. Ignorance ain't cute. Stop.

Is this post starting to come off like a Not Like Other Yanks post? Oh well :)

Anyway, until I visited Canada for the first time in my mid 20s, I literally never thought about the place at all. Other than the fact that Florida fills up with Canadians in the winter, it just wasn't on my radar and I didn't have any of the strong negative feelings that folks in the border states sometimes do. Plus it doesn't help for the purposes of clarity that I have multiple answers for why I have become mildly obsessed with the place and the answers vary according to whether I am speaking with another North American or someone from elsewhere or even just how I am feeling at the time when I am asked. So I guess I'll just make a list:

Top Ten Reasons to Love Canada
(no particular order)

1. Maple leaves on everything (the reason why I am constantly decorating the house in Canada swag. I just really like nature and trees and stuff) as a decorative motif. So attractive
2. Maple flavored everything is so much easier to find and it is one of my favorite flavors
3. Syrup stockpile so they won't be caught out during the apocalypse. Ok yeah, it is more for financial reasons but come on. I assure you Florida has no citrus reserves even though for storage purposes that's apples maples and oranges.
4. Poutine. I could have taken or left Ontario but Quebec? That was the beginning of my "Canadia Mania" And no, you cannot get good poutine down here. Do not believe menus and what you are told. Due to variances in cheese law (I kinda wanna be a cheese attorney now. It's like bird law but yummy) you can't get the right kind of curds here. IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE
5. Quebec looks just like Disney's Canada in EPCOT so I had already been brainwashed with syrup THOROUGHLY to think of it as home. I may have said wonderingly, "Quebec looks just like the Canada we have at home, Josh!" many times where I could be overheard by locals. Oh well.
6. Kinder Eggs that don't need to be smuggled. Never mind that most people don't understand the true reasons for the law banning them. Not getting into that again here as I have in so many other of my posts. Anyway, I've got a 20-30% rate of being busted by my own country's customs. Although it seems like many countries are going to Kinder Joy only and they don't seem to notice or care that they are losing such a delicious heritage. But I am one person who can only do so much.
7. Kinder Egg bootleg candies still seem to be going strong and are honestly better than the original in some ways. These are what I truly crave and miss.
8. Metric system. My fellow Americans, the imperial system is shameful and you are shameful. Stop.
9. Newfoundland is what I expected Alaska to look like and was disappointed in the 49th state. Plus Norway or Newfoundland? is a fun game to play with both Canadians and Norwegians. Spoiler alert, Norwegians usually beat Canadians handily at this game and I get why but they never expect my rogue American self to give them a run for their money.
10. Parallel universe/ twilight zone feeling. You won't find that in Africa, Asia, or any of the other places I have been. If you know, you know.
Bonus: Moose patterned motifs are so easy to find on décor as well. A native Floridian has got to get tired of flamingoes and palm trees sometime :)

It wouldn't be a good Canada post if I didn't share the collage I made when I found out there was a Tim Horton's by the hotel where all the bronies were staying. I made Josh take me so I could moose down doughnuts. We didn't get Timbits this time but it was still a pleasant experience. Josh really likes the orange Timbits despite me being like, "We live in Florida. We have citrus flavored doughnuts at home!"

There IS a Timmy's in Tampa but that would require going to Tampa. Ugh. Plus Ohio and Ontario both start and end with the same letter so clearly it makes more sense to go up there. Weirdly when I am in Canada I almost never go to Timmy's because I have so many other places I need to go for eating purposes. I still like seeing them though. And it is really fun to see them in other countries. I got so amped by the one I saw in the Dubai the taxi driver thought I was Canadian myself.

And I will never forget being on the night ferry to Newfoundland when the news came out that Floridian company Burger King bought Tim Horton's. This was it. You can't travel as much as I do without running into rioting in the streets and Molotov Montreal cocktails eventually. I soberly turned to Josh, as he is Canadian himself.

"Will there be civil unrest? Are we in danger? We can't rely on Brian Mulroney to save us this time..."

After all...
expel (a foreigner) from a country, typically on the grounds of illegal status or for having committed a crime.

Pretty sure the loss of Timmy's is a hate crime like no other. Like have we wronged them one too many times? Will they finally rise up and take their vengeance?!

He said no and other than a few angry geezers, the Canadian version of The Troubles passed without incident at least for me. But like Carrie Bradshaw, I can't help but wonder... are they just biding their time? Is the reverse invasion coming? Who is actually going to get raked?

I guess we'll all have to stay tuned. Same Canadian time, same Canadian station! And major thanks to Phin for the cool Canadian loot!

Keychain of the Day

While this keychain just turned up in my life recently, its origins trace back 1.5 years ago. I was having a small фиеста aka birthday celebration and invited my mom, roomie and my good buddy Sharon and her then wife to enjoy pizza, homemade mulled wine, games, crafts, and so bad they're good Russian rap videos. It was a very nice time and while I told Sharon the gift of her company was all that was hoped for, she gave me an Amazon gift card and told me to buy keychains for my collection.

Naturally I overthought the entire thing because I had to find The Absolutely Best Keychain on the Internet. Sharon will totally identify with this I suspect :P Anyway 19 months later, Sharon's gift has born fruit and I have the Best Keychain in my Keychain Kloset as you read this amazing KOTD post.

I love the shape of the keychain, love the color, love that I was able to get Nosebelle's name on it, love that I was able to get one of the best rat pictures I have ever taken on a keychain. On the back I have it engraved with the date that Nosebelle gave birth to her litter of life changing ratties. It's really perfection although it was hard to get a clear picture of it to post here. It looks much better IRL. Here is the picture that I sent the seller:

Pretty cute, huh? She's actually asleep with her eyes open here. This was when she was starting to get very old. RIP I think of her every day, honestly. Best friend I ever had in my life.

The keychain was actually set to be delivered when I was out of town and I didn't want it just lollygagging on the porch for all the many rat keychain porch pirates to salivate over. So big ups to my mom for letting me send it to her house instead for safe keeping. I felt so much better knowing it arrived safely. It takes a village to raise a keychain collection. Or something like that.

Apparently the package had come from China and I was thrilled to get some inexplicable items with busted English. I tell myself that I probably sound even wonkier when I am speaking Russian with my Slavic friends. I've been told my choice of vocab is really... something :P Not pictured is a little tie dyed bag that told me I am a beloved angel that loves every day. I mean... not really but thank you anyway, Chinese bag.

But below is the real gift that keeps on giving as it is reusable. Nearly as good as the keychain itself:

It's a silver polishing cloth... that has something to do with Profession Nursing and... they really want me to know it is From Germany... but green is not color on their current flag unless I am missing some significance. Anyway, you really do NOT find such gems very often and I can't wait to polish some crap with this puppy. Yowza!

So thanks again to Sharon :) I'm sorry it took so long for me to choose but you likely knew that was the most probable outcome haha. I really do enjoy the keychain so much though. I just keep looking at it as it is really rather mesmerizing. It just came out so well! One of my favorite things about Sharon is that we're so alike so there's a lot of stuff that neither of us have to explain to each other. It's just a really great and special friendship and I am grateful to have someone so fantastic as my friend for life!
g5 pegasus rat

Keychain of the Day

So recently I was able to get back up to Pittsburgh which is a criminally underrated vacation spot that everyone should visit. There's cool landscapes, great food, interesting wildlife, colonial history and more. I've written a lot about Pittsburgh in the past but this time in particular I went to visit my pony pal, Aimee.

I kept forgetting that this was our first time actually meeting up in person because she was the first person I ever video chatted for fun and we've done so another few times since then so in a way I felt like we were already real life friends even if we actually weren't until just recently. Run on sentences for the win!

We met up at the South Hills Village and she immediately gave me a sack full of ponies so that's starting an interaction off right. You can see them in the top right of the collage. Some were McD's toys from G3 I was missing and others were the mini version of some larger phony ponies I had that also came with adorable accessories. Thanks so much. They're the cutest thing really.

She also keenly observed that yeah, no lie, I am actually super duper tall IRL :P

^^^ Basically a true to life depiction of the two of us standing next to each other minus the pony shirts

We wandered around some shops that sometimes had ponies in the past but the merch is in a bit of a dry spell it seems at the moment no matter where I go (except Meijers). We did find the Pinkie Pie Face game which is Russian roulette with whipped cream. Josh bought it for his friends to try which was as entertaining to watch as you might expect. I actually just finished the container of spare cream as part of my dinner last night. Healthy meals also for the win!

My mom reminded me that there is a small herd of buffalo in the South Hills of Pittsburgh at a game preserve that my grandfather used to take me to. They've been there for decades and were still there. There were also a few juveniles which was quite nice. Aimee had been there before but only seen the peacocks so it was a nice time for everyone.

Next we dropped by some thrift stores. I got a small pony tin that I turned into a keychain for 50 cents and inside was a puzzle. My mom determined that all the pieces were there and it had all the main six except Pinkie for some reason plus the CMC, Spike, and some wedding characters so that dates it to when it was made most likely for the end of season 2 of G4 I believe. Josh found a Syrian keychain that does not appear to actually be from Syria but was cool enough anyway so I grabbed it. That's in the top left.

Finally I got to meet Mocha the pup I have previously sent valentines to. She was just the cutest thing and I wanted to just pet her all day and boop her refreshingly chilly and longggggg snooter. She's one of those dogs who has a very soulful facial expression and I could just tell she had a lot of thoughts and feelings about meeting me too. It was a real mutual mind meld. I wish I could have spent more time with her but alas, no amount of time could ever have been enough.

It was time to move on to the next stop on my roadtrip so I quickly checked Aimee's backyard for chipmunks and groundhogs (skunked again) and her basement which was an A+ experience as I don't approve of finished basements although since we don't have basements in Florida, they're all a thrill in their own way. I could have wandered around down there for hours but again, we had run out of time. Oh and I got to see some of the famous G2 pony collection along with other gens so that was something special as well.

Anywhoo, I'm very grateful that Aimee took a day off work just for little old me. One of my favorite things about her is that even when heavy stuff is going on in her life (nothing currently at the moment but she'll know of what I speak, err, write) she always makes time to be fully present and supportive to help with the heavy stuff in my life. I try to follow her example because it is a really excellent example to follow. She's just a really fantastic friend and I'm very happy that several years ago now she responded to my thread on a pony forum looking for folks who wanted to do pony themed friendship bracelet exchanges :) I don't think either of us knew how good that exchange would possibly be!

Thanks again, dude!