March 14th, 2013

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For those who aren't aware, I collect keychains

So I'm thinking of maybe going with a kind of "keychain a day" theme for my Journal for awhile. I don't know how long I'll do it for or if it will actually be daily but it could be interesting. I don't have any tats because I hate pain but I've heard people say one of the reasons they like them is because when they look at it, it takes them right back to where they were and who they were with when they got it. My keychain collection is a painfree version of that. In honor of Pi Day, I figured I'd start with maybe a nice compilation of questions I'm typically asked about my collection and then get started tomorrow with the Ides of March bringing us an actual keychain story.

Top three questions I am asked about my keychain collection

1. How did you get started collecting keychains?

I remember the day I started. I want to say I was about 10 or so and I just up and decided I wanted to collect SOMETHING because it seemed like the thing to do. Keychains were really just the first thing I thought of and, uncharacteristically, I committed to it and never looked back. I walked to the junk drawer where I knew we had some random keychains laying around and put them all together on one ring. I started with those 10 or so. It didn't take long before I had about 30 and they were just too big and heavy to keep all together so I put them in a small duffle. That small duffle turned into a medium sized duffle. A Kids R Us was closing by our house and my parents were able to grab these purple... things... I have no clue what they were originally used for in the store but they worked well for attaching to my wall and hanging some keychains plus they were purple. Those rapidly filled up and my parents were worried the weight would pull these things out of the wall. When I was 17, I spent about the week right before senior year started working about 10 hours a day taking all my keychains out of my duffle, cleaning them and organizing them into approximately five groups. The parental units bought me 3 shoe racks, Christmas ornament hooks and paper clips and that is the system I've been using ever since to hang them. I didn't want to have too many categories so I went with Personal, Domestic, International, Animals, and Disney (which comprises any theme park or cartoon character, really). Inside these, I loosely organize them into other groups, for instance, all of my keychains with turtles are together in one spot, everything from Thailand is in another, etc. I'm actually really glad for this collection because they are usually easy to find and cheap enough that I don't feel bad asking people to pick one up for me when they travel. Keychains are the one thing in life that I have no shame about and will beg people for. I like to show the collection to people because I feel like they don't really "get it" until they see all of them in person. After that, usually they are just as rapidly into helpling me amass greater amounts of them because they can see how their contribution is important. This leads us to the next question:

2. How many keychains do you have?

I used to take the time to count them but I stopped doing that after about 1200 or so. It just was taking too long. I guess I have well over 2000-3000 these days. I actually maybe have less than 20 duplicates which most people find surprising. Therefore when I get the inevitable "Oh, I'd get you a keychain but I don't want to get one you already have" excuse, I can tell them just how unlikely that is. It is actually shocking how many keychains there are in the world. I don't count duplicates in any final tallies. And no, it is not the world record. Last I checked, that was held by some guy in the Pacific Northwest who picks them up at garage sales. I do have a lot that I receive for free that advertise businesses from job fairs and such or broken ones that I fix up, or make. However, most of mine are bought retail as I travel the world. Therefore, I tell people that they are contributing to The Largest High Quality Keychain Collection in the Southeastern United States. That dude may have more but mine are definately better and more interesting as this Keychain for a Day thing will prove to you. Plus, he's old and I have plenty of keychain collecting years in my future.

3. What is your favorite/first/most expensive keychain?

I consider this to be one question since people usually ask it all together like that. I can't possibly pick a favorite. There really are just too many amazing options. I do have some I like more than others but there is not one that shines about the rest. Since I started the collection with about 10 out of a junk drawer, it is hard to say which was really first. My most expensive to date that I have purchased can be seen below:

I was bored at work in August 2012 so I decided to do an image search for dog noses because I have always been fascinated with noses in general. I was reading the blurb under one of the pix and someone said they loved their dog's nose so much they had an image of it made into a keychain. By now, you probably realize it was all over for me, a true perfect storm. I've had this fascination since I was a child so even though it did seem like a waste of silver to me (I would have preferred another metal but certainly wasn't crazy enough to pay for the gold option) it's not like the metal won't have value in the future and I will probably love it forever so I went ahead and got it. Yes, I got a sterling silver keychain with a dog's nose imprint on it and Smoo Goddess engraved in the back and you know what?


Well, that is all for today. And of course, it would not be a post from me if I didn't hit you up for a keychain. Really though, most people have unwanted keychains around their homes and just toss them. Don't do that. Give them to me instead. Sometimes people feel their offering is too meager for my desire and attention. I assure you that is not the case. I love all keychains no matter what kind and will accept them in any condition. This collection, understandably, has given me a lot of skills in keychain repair over the years so rarely is a problem so bad that I can't improve it. You'll be contributing to something huge and awesome and you can visit your keychain if you really want to. Ok, I'm done for now and tomorrow I will try to figure out which of my many keychains will be the subject of my first post. Smoo out.
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