February 24th, 2017


Keychain of the Day

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Happy Friday everyone! A picture is truly worth a thousand words so, as you can see, the zany zoefruitcake sent me another top notch keychain from her travels. This special shoe (which is super soft) was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed with the ribbon pictured. I love ribbons and Mrs. Fruitcake's attention to detail! Cute stationery is always a plus and an organic peach sucker was included as well. I've never had an organic one I don't think so I am very excited about that as well.

I had intended to post this earlier but then the "office otter" stopped by the retention pond next to the building and I spent about an hour watching him eat a fish and lay on his back, kicking his legs with glee. In zoefruitcake's honor, I present this picture for everyone to enjoy. Isn't he precious?

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Thank you so very much again to zoefruitcake, one of my top international keychain donators! It is always thrilling to get a keychain in the mail from a foreign land, particularly somewhere I have never been but hope to visit some day. I appreciate it so very much.