May 30th, 2017

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Rostrum Obituary

Rostrum, 3, of Orlando, FL passed away late Friday evening due to respiratory complications. She is survived by her brother, Smellow, and adopted human family.

Rostrum was her brother Honker's twin in both appearance and personality. She never hesitated to push past any of her sisters unwise enough to stand between her and treats. She had a strong independent spirit as well as a competitive streak. While her sisters and mother were content to trot after a piece of yarn for a bit of light exercise, Rostrum alone would charge ahead, bite the yarn firmly, and proceed to teach it a lesson it would never forget.

She periodically jumped out of her enclosure with her mouth wide open, aiming directly for my treat-distributing hand. Honker was the only other rat to display this behavior. Rostrum was also famous for her grip. If she grabbed you, you were not going anywhere until she was certain that you weren't concealing food. Rostrum was amazingly powerful for her size and was easily the strongest of all her siblings.

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