January 18th, 2019

all beautifully torn

Keychain of the Day!

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I finally went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi so that was amazing! I had a good birthday too. I know I have been terrible at posting new keychains but of course I am still collecting! I recently had a lovely donation which is what is prompting me to write right now! And yes I am still overusing !'s and probably always will :P

Anywhoo, if you check my sticky post, Abby the Venus Guy Trap contacted me last month. There is no need to apologize for sending the keychains later than anticipated, Abby, because between travel and catching like three infections in a row, I have been doing everything very slowly in life myself as well. The keychains are safely here and already well loved and that is what counts!

I suppose we should start with the cool handmade lizard keychain and move clockwise. I absolutely love these handmade lizards and can never have enough of them since they are always slightly different. Lizards really are the best. I'm also a fan of the clay worm/snake with HUGE EYES. Gosh, what a cutie!

I had to give InuYasha a google but the manga does sound fun. Demon dogs? Feudal Japan? Fairy tales? Sign me up! I also really like these New York keychains as well. New York is one of those keychain locations where lots of keychains look the same but they are usually all different! I don't have any that look quite like these so thank you again!

As a Florida native, I do love getting keychains from the theme parks. As with New York, the parks are always cranking out slightly changed designs all the time. I really hope you enjoyed your trip, Abby. Florida really is the best place ever to travel to and/or to live. Funnily enough, I have the patriotic Mickey Mouse spinning keychain in the corner that I bought a few years back. I remember when that one came out and I was so excited about it. As usual, I don't mind having a duplicate especially of such a cool keychain. It shows what good taste others have :)

Skirting back a little, I really like that Swiss hiking boot. I was in Zurich's airport a few months back but wasn't able to grab a keychain and make my connection so I'm glad to have this little boot. The Alps from there air are always so lovely!

I'm not sure who that girl in the school looking uniform is supposed to be in the top right corner but she is pretty neat as well. I love a good bow tie. The tassle is also a really great find because it is garnet and gold which as well all know are THE superior colors for a school. GO SEMINOLES!

Thanks again, Abby, for taking the time to donate these to my collection. I am super grateful and I already enjoy them so much!