April 17th, 2019

all beautifully torn

Keychain of the Day

Hello again everyone! I'm back with another keychain donation. This one comes from my new and fabulous friend, Katerina. I was really excited to receive such glorious finds!

It looks like we have a few from New York. You can't go wrong with the classic I heart NY and the heart shaped one with Lady Liberty on it opens up so you can put a picture or small item inside. Very cool!

And yay, more Florida keychains! I hope you enjoyed The Best State in the Union, Katerina. I like the letter shaped ones and have a few myself as well as a bunch of other letters from donators. I should probably check and see if I have the whole alphabet yet :P

The one with the orcas is funny too. I assume the keychain makers were trying to knock off a SeaWorld keychain since it isn't like you see many cold water cetaceans around here much although I suppose there is technically nothing stopping an orca from coming by. While they are technically dolphins, Puerto Rico does have a whale festival every spring that I keep meaning to go to and that's not far away. Anywhoo, pretty cool... and I'm rambling!

I'm also a big fan of the blue geode since one of my oldest keychains looks just like that. I love rocks and stones and when they are keychains that is even better.

I love the international selections from Greece and India. The Mexican one with the Mayan doomsday calendar is rather exciting! It is also always handy to have lanyard and wristlet keychains too. A few look on the homemade side as well.

Anyway, thanks again to Katerina for sending these beauties to me. I really do appreciate it! They are also so amazing and I'm just thrilled to pieces to have them all in my collection. I'll take really good care of them :)

Hope everyone is having a happy spring!