August 21st, 2019


Keychain of the Day

Greetings everyone! It's me again. I'm going to start trying to post more again because I know how much everyone loves my keychains :) Also my new keychain setup, three years in the making, is nearly finished so when it is I will unveil that in all its glory!

I've had a lot going on recently- had some losses in life but also had a gain. My BFF from high school, swaps24 and I are back in contact. I was an idiot and cut things off but we are now chatting again like nothing every happened so yay for that.

Anyway, Cipher is modelling with my Iraq keychain. No, I haven't actually put my feet on Iraqi soil yet but I hope to someday. Nothing stays bad forever so maybe someday it will be fun to visit. I actually got this keychain in the Orlando International Airport. Why were they selling Iraq keychains? Don't know, don't care but I stopped and bought it without checking the price because I intended to buy it no matter what. It's not every day you see such a find!

And while I may not have actually set foot in Iraq, I have flown over it! Last December on my way to Dubai, we were supposed to fly over Iran which had me pumped but Iran withdrew their approval last minute even though I was on an Emirates flight. That's ok because we flew over Iraq instead which is just as good. When I was on my way home, we flew over Iran but it was a red eye so all I saw was lights but they were lights in Iran so that would have to be good enough for now. Anywhoo, isn't Iraq purdy?