October 20th, 2019

concerned fakie

Keychain of the Day

Recently I had the chance to head north. My bff had a family event and invited me up. I agreed to go on the condition that we spend time in Canada as I have always wanted go to go Windsor. It was a nice weekend! I got to see a groundhog which was very exciting but no chipmunks :( McDonald's has apparently changed the gravy on their poutine which was no bueno. The view from the river was really pretty!

This keychain from the Grand Rapids, MI airport was interesting. I guess the blue stuff is supposed to be rain but if you shake it really hard you can make it more like a seismic wave and flood the city. Concerned Applejack is concerned about that though!

And as soon as I can get to my parents' house, I will have a very special keychain post to make. Stay tuned!