October 31st, 2019

all beautifully torn

Keychain of the Day

Happy Halloween, party people. About a week ago, my mom called me to mention that I had gotten mail from my "German friend, you know the one." Ah yes, Mom, in fact I do. It had to be the mighty schnee! Anyway, my dad's health has been very poor in general and especially lately so today was the first time I could catch up with them and retrieve my parcel. I apologize for the delay!

We were very excited to open it and see the imperial eagle and learn about the Bundesrat, aka the upper portion of the German federal government. Who knew? Totally a keychain collection first up in here! Then we started to discuss what kind of interesting background we should do for the picture in this very LJ entry. That's why there are three pictures. We couldn't choose. I went with a halloween/rat/random Mr. Bean theme. When I mentioned schnee likes ponies too my mom picked one I got in Dubai while my dad thought some Russian mini posters from Bronycon might look swell. UAE? Russian Federation? Germany? Oh why not mix them all together! After all, I am the one running this journal so we can have multiple pictures if I want them!

Anyway, thanks again to for coming in clutch with a Halloween spectacular. This keychain seems super unique and original and I am super duper excited to have it. I really do appreciate your tenacity in finding interesting German keychains, schnee. You never fail to find the perfect one to make everyone in my life that I force to look at my latest keychain go "ooooh aaaah."

And to respond to your question and maybe the question that everyone is obsessing about, YES, I am still accepting keychains. Any keychain, any time, any condition. I honestly don't think I could stop if I tried. I've been doing this for 25+ years so I can't get that pony back into the stable. I know I have been a bit weak at posting here and some of my profile is a smidge out of date (working on that) as is my sticky post. I am going to try to post more regularly and I am nearly nearly nearly finished with setting up my new keychain display which is going to really blow your minds. No really. It totally will.

So if you are thinking of sending a keychain in order to get a fabulous post like this praising you to the sky, either now or in the future, send it along. I can PM my newer address to anyone who wants or needs it but as we discovered above, my parents are good with passing along important stuff like keychains. Considering they were the first to support my collection as a child with no money, they are really very invested in my collection as well and were very interested to see the progress I had made with the new collection display.

Anyway, once again, thank you schneefor being fabulous! I don't think I have ever posted so many pictures of just one keychain but it was certainly worth it. Family fun for everyone :)