November 19th, 2019

all beautifully torn

Keychain of the Day

Look at this neato keychain! This moose has very good taste :) Busch Gardens is a pretty fun place to go around Christmas because they decorate it so nicely. There are also white peacocks which are kinda neat as well as kookaburras which remind me of the zoo in Sydney. They took out my favorite ride, Rhino Rally, which sucks. It was like Disney's safari ride mashed up with a water ride unexpectedly.

Anywhoo, I gotta run. Busy day. My blender broke, toilet broke (fixed that), couldn't sleep last night, have to take my friend to the eye doctor, my check engine light came on, and I have to take Rufus to the vet to see if his lumps are cancer (Cipher just went last week for a lung infection).

Thanks again to the splendiferous Treesa!