November 23rd, 2019

all beautifully torn

Keychain of the Day

Here is the last keychain from Treesa at Grab the Brass Keyring, one of the net's premier keychain collection blogs :) It's funny because I have this one! I also loved double dare as a kid and by this time I was already collecting keychains so my mom sent away for this one for me. I just love watching all the little things in the slime moving around. Truly great minds think alike!

Of course I never have a problem getting duplicates. In fact I like it because then I can use one of them and save the other in my collection. I also never mind getting broken or beat up keychains because I have a good time fixing them. Any keychain is a good keychain to me! So everyone should feel free to send mooooooooooore lol

Another final thank you to Treesa for sending me such wonderous wonders! They're all going to be very special to me because keychain collectors are so rare and collectors with blogs are even more rare. I appreciate all of these very much!