December 24th, 2019

nose licks

Keychain of the Day

Here is my birthday/Christmas present from Treesa at Grab the Brass Keyring! Wow, there are so many good ones and a hand stamped card too! I can't even say how excited I am. I considered bringing these with me to Charleston for my birthday trip but I was worried I would misplace them so I decided to save them for Christmas Eve :) So many good ones!

The Windsor one is apparently for whisky. I would have been confused like Treesa's dad too. This keychain is even more special since I finally made it to Winsor in August! I just love Canada.

The next one is a purple glittery flower mirror. I love glittery stuff and Treesa even added stickers. I too like to improve keychains to give them that extra pizzazz.

Treesa found this Florida Heather keychain in a thift store in the Great White North. What luck for me! Although I have lots of keychains that don't have my own name on it. Sometimes these are good for taking up an alter ego. Super cool!

We've got a nice lego keychain here. I have a lego keychain from Chicago and maybe I will try to join them together and see if that works. I like how Treesa modified this one to be more keychain and less cell phone charm. I am always doing stuff like that too. Almost anything can be made into a keychain if you have a will.

Here's a nice USA flashlight keychain. I am going to see if I can fix it but if not that's ok. Flashlight keychains are some of the most common and I'm sure that Treesa agrees!

Treesa made this one which is pretty cool. I like adding pictures to blank photo ones too. It's a great way to get a keychain for an interest that may not have much commercial traction. So cute.

Finally we have a fingerling! I don't have one of these so that's pretty exciting. The eyes close if you rock the monkey back and I love the shock of pink hair at the top and how the tail is bendy. I love even more that it was on clearance for a buck. You can find the best keychains on clearance sometimes. Amazing.

Thanks again to Treesa at GtBK! I really appreciate all these cool finds. Can't wait to send you something really cool from Africa! Just twoooooooo weeeeeeeeeks! Merry Christmas to everyone!