The Goddess of Smoo (heathersmoo) wrote,
The Goddess of Smoo

Need Help Picking A Pet Rat-Please Discuss & Vote In My Poll

My friend runs a rattery and she is letting me adopt a boy to go with my other two teenage rats who are distant cousins to the babies below. I'm having a hard time picking because both rats are sooooo cute!

Will you please vote in my poll and comment to help me decide? Thanks!

Grunkle Stan is a laid back rex dumbo, likely to have himmie/Siamese coloring after first molt.

Bill Cipher is an energetic and outgoing rex top ear variberk downunder.

Check the link here below for pictures of the little cuties:

Poll #2079386 Which Pet Baby Rat Should I Select?

Which Pet Baby Rat Should I Select?

Grunkle Stan
Bill Cipher

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