The Goddess of Smoo (heathersmoo) wrote,
The Goddess of Smoo

Keychain of the Day

Happy All Saints Day!

otaku1 got some of this anti itch stuff for bug bites and I guess they were offering a keychain for free with proof of purchase so he sent away for it for me secretly. He got a letter back saying that the company wasn't prepared for the keychains to be so popular and they had run out so Josh aws extra glad he hadn't mentioned it to me so I wouldn't be disappointed. Time passed and I guess they got a second run of keychains made because they mailed Josh one and he happily passed it on to me. Isn't it a cute little bunny bee mosquito thing? The best part is that the antennae have a wire in them so you can position them however you like and they stay put. Thanks otaku1

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